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Research Article

Incidence of cataract in type 2 diabetes mellitus among Rural people

Chintala Priyanka1* and Estari Mamidala2

1Department of Zoology, Nalanda Post Graduation College, Adilabad-504002, Telangana State, India
2Department of Zoology, Kakatiya University, Warangal-506 009, Telangana State, India


Cataract is a leading cause of blindness worldwide and a major public health problem. Ageing populations and the increasing prevalence of diabetes mellitus create an ever increasing prevalence of cataracts and health care demands. To meet this challenge, it is necessary to know more about the association between diabetes and the different subtypes of lens opacities. Thus, we aimed to study the epidemiology and risk factors of cataract subgroups in type 2 diabetes mellitus in a defined geographical area compared with an age- and gender matched control population from the same geographical area. Subjects in the rural people with a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus and a control group participated in the study. Lens opacities were graded with Lens Opacities Classification System II in all participants. Lens Opacities Classification System score 2 was considered as significant lens opacity. Anthropometric and blood chemistry data were collected for all participants in connection with the eye examination. For the diabetic population, yearly updated information on glucose control, blood pressure and body mass index was available through medical records from diabetes diagnosis until the time of the eye examination. The prevalence of significant cortical, posterior subcapsular and nuclear cataract was 65.6%, 42.2% and 48.30%, respectively, in the type 2 diabetes population in rural population. Cortical lens opacity was also associated with a diagnosis of diabetes (p < 0.0001), posterior subcapsular lens opacity with nuclear lens opacity with female gender. In the diabetic population, all types of cataract were likewise strongly associated with age (p < 0.0001), posterior subcapsular cataract with nuclear cataract with female gender (p = 0.0002). Our study shows that cortical cataract is associated with diabetes mellitus, not necessarily defined by glucose control, whereas posterior subcapsular cataract is associated with glucose levels. Nuclear cataract is not associated with diabetes mellitus, but is more frequent in women and is also associated with higher heart rate.

Keywords: Cataract, Type 2 Diabetes mellitus, Adilabad, Lens, capsular

Published online 19th May, 2015
2015 Published by
Global Science Publishing Group, USA

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Chintala Priyanka and Estari Mamidala (2015). Incidence of cataract in type 2 diabetes mellitus among Rural people. The Ame J Sci & Med Res, 1(1):108-111. doi:10.17812/ajsmr2015119
The Ame J Scie & Med Res, Volume 1, Issue 1
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17812/ajsmr2015119
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