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A comprehensive knowledge on Nadi Pariksha

Phytochemical investigation and antidiabetic
activity of Leaf  extracts of Dalbergia sissoo
(Roxb.) in alloxan induced diabetic rats

Genetic and biochemical markers in Emphysema
Articles Published recently in the Current Issue

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April-June; 3(2); 2017

ISSN: 2377-6196
An Official Journal of GSPG

Anticancer activity of crude extracts from leaves of Artocarpus heterophyllus
Veenavani Marka, Madhu Kamarapu, Ravulakolanu Vanisree and Prameela Devi Yalavarthy
The Ame J Sci & Med Res, 3(2):223-228. doi:10.17812/ajsmr1214
Published online 30 June 2017

Modulatory effect of Acalypa indica plant extraction on glucose metabolism in alloxan induced diabetic wistar rats
Lingaiah, Estari Mamidala and P. Nagaraja Rao
The Ame J Sci & Med Res, 3(2):212-215. doi:10.17812/ajsmr1212
Published online 21 June 2017

Role of Calotropis procera [Arka] An ayurvedic drug in treatement Of HIV/AIDS
patients 10+10

The Ame J Sci & Med Res, 3(2):229-233. doi:10.17812/ajsmr1215
Published online 30 June, 2017

Analysis and seasonal variations of physico-chemical parameters of Pakhal Lake, Narsampet, District Warangal, Telangana (India)
E. Narayana and E. Raju
The Ame J Sci & Med Res, 3(2):234-238. doi:10.17812/ajsmr1216
Published online 30 June, 2017

Screening and biological evaluation of substituted 4- arylacetamido 2-amino thiazoles
Jagadeesh Kumar Ega and Kavitha Siddoju
The Ame J Sci & Med Res, 3(2):5-7. doi:10.17812/ajsmr2202
Published online: 20 June 2017
Protease Enzyme Activity in Sewage, Dairy, Aluminum, Tannery Industry Effluents Flooded Soils in Warangal City, District, Telangana state, India
B. Lalitha Kumari 
The Ame J Sci & Med Res, 3(2):1-4. doi:10.17812/ajsmr3201
Published online 06 June, 2017

A study on antimicrobial activity and phyto chemical constituents of some phyllanthus plants in South Indian region
Ananthagiri Komuraiah and  A. Ragan
The Ame J Sci & Med Res, 3(2):349-353. doi:10.17812/ajsmr3207
Published online 21 May, 2017

Development of Competence In Teaching Skills - An Integrated Approach
Yalavarthi Nirmala
The Ame J Sci & Med Res, 3(2):354-359. doi:10.17812/ajsmr3208
Published online 28 May, 2017

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